Our Nursery Rooms...

Teddy Bear Room


Teddy Bear

Our Teddy Bear room caters for 5 babies (ratio 1-3). We always like to move our children throughout the nursery in their September peer groups, this is the same for our children.

Babies will remain in the Teddy Bears room until they're 15/16 months and are physically able (crawling), they will then join the older children in the next room.

Our babies can enjoy a wide range of activities: such as sensory play, cosy corner with reading books and teddies to cuddle, a kitchen where they can make lovely role play foods, sand, water and much more.

In the baby sleep room, we wanted to give it the feel of being at home, making the babies feel reassured about their sleep times.

Panda Bear Room


Panda Bear

Children join this room from 15/16 months through to 2 1/2 years. Here they can explore the space and freely move around at their own pace. We have availability for 14 children (ratio 1-3). We have lots of fun things to do, from getting messy with paint and glitter to sitting on the comfy sofa listening to stories. The children will have a cosy space made for them to sleep and the other children can explore the other areas if sleeping times do not apply to them.  We can help children with their potty training and working together with parents on getting it right first time.

Our Panda Bear room is bright and very spacious for the children to learn to walk, the staff will support all children in their next stages of development. 

Fuzzy Bear Room


Fuzzy Bear

Children join this downstairs room from 2 - 2 1/2 years, this may be a big transition, but the staff will provide settles at any time to help with this. We have availability for 14 toddlers (ratio 1-4).

A free flow garden is attached to the room which children are able to access at any time. We truly believe here at Charley Barleys that children should be able to have fresh air and go outside in their free play time. With a wide range of dressing up clothes, this is where the children start to feel really confident and build strong relationships with others. The Fuzzy Bear room also has a lovely cosy corner where they children can start to read to one another or even re-enact a story. 

The water features outside in the fee flow are a key asset to children taking it in turns and helping one another. 

Polar Bear Room


Polar Bear

Children join the secondary downstairs room once they have turned 3 or just over, to spend their final year. There is a little one structure to the Polar Bear room to start getting them ready for school. The children also have a free flow garden where they can experience the mud kitchen. Availability for our Polar Bear room is 10 children (ratio 1-8). Although our lowest capacity age group here at Charley Barleys, we feel this really gives the children a little focused one on one time before school. The children work closely with their key workers at group times.

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